One year in

A year ago today, we arrived in Seattle and were driven to our corporate housing, an apartment with a great view and potentially lethal furniture. That feels like so long ago now, after all that’s happened. The irony, oh the irony of extracting ourselves from Singapore in a quest for more stability by moving to settle down in the US, just before a pandemic, and huge civil unrest, well, if it was funny I’d laugh.
There’s always green shoots. La Serpiente told me, as we rode along today, about how great Martin Luther King was and what he’d done to dismantle racial injustices in this country. I’m not sure I want to talk to her about riots and protests and brutality at this point, but that time will come. We keep trying to make them understand how privileged they are, to have a house to live in and stable income and no fear, aaprt from their phobias of volcanoes.

Although come to think of it, maybe we’re due an earthquake in Seattle soon.

Meanwhile, there’s another night of curfew, we have friends downtown in the midst of it all, and I wonder quite when things will get better again. Have we just been sleep walking towards this for too long to notice? Or have things accelerated? We’ll sit tight in Ballard, fine as we are, and hope peace comes soon. But what a last few days it’s been…

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