It was stupidly hot yesterday, but the weather broke about six in the evening, and today, despite blue skies it was comparatively chilly. So, rather than being hotboxed in the house, hunched over my computer, I was blessed with a temperate environment to work within.
La Serpiente and Destroyer went up to Woodland Park near the zoo, to play. At some point our eldest hurt her ankle, and has been limping ever since, occasionally making herself a splint from Amazon cardboard boxes. I’m hoping it’s just a minor strain and she’s recovered tomorrow.

With the change in the weather came one of those horrible headaches I get when there’s a pressure change, this time accompanied by migrainous aura, so I took myself to bed at seven, since I couldn’t see, which was just when the girls were at peak nuttiness and my wife needing relief.

So, er, a strain. They had also been excruciatingly loud in the bath this afternoon, coinciding with an external call that I couldn’t pause in order to ask them not to yell about butts at top volume. Sometimes work from home doesn’t work, I guess.

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