I slept properly last night and so did the children, which was a first in this new house. I’m a little worried that we’ve been in for two weeks and haven’t began to work on the. Ery many minor fixes the house needs, but I’ve been meaning to get our inspector back to run us through a full report.

When that happens, more stress, I suppose. In the meantime, I can start to bring boxes in and unpack.

But the other thing driving me up the wall right now is the need to make lists. Lists of things for the house, lists for tax planning, for savings, for the kids, for school, for work, for so many things. This all feels much more complocafed and difficult than it should, and so I begin to freak out at thr complexity and then do nothing but watch TV to ease my angst. And I don’t think that can be the right approach..

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