I went to my regular physio appointment today … and somehow pulled a muscle in my neck. I’m not sure if it was the delayed onset of straining to fix our fridge last night (the ice maker malfunctioned and so, with the help of YouTube, a hairdryer and some screwdrivers we had to take the fridge apart and put it back together again) or just bad luck, but at least I was at my physio when it happened, so she could attempt to loosen my neck up a bit.
I’m still pretty crocked though, and so this afternoon I spent my time icing it, popping ibuprofen and trying not to move much. Strained necks are a real pain, especially when lying down doesn’t alleviate the pain and nor does being upright. This could be a long, long week…

I played two games of Blood Bowl, lost them both 2-1, the second one I felt going much more unfairly than the first. But then, as I reminded myself yesterday, the dice are juat the dice, and you can’t expect them to be helpful… And so to bed.

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