Late this afternoon as I was getting into some complicated work, I heard a thud and a shriek from downstairs, and got down there in time to find my wife clutching La Serpiente.
While running up our porch steps to tell her mother that our favourite dog, Ferris, was here, she’d tripped and banged her mouth. There was blood all over the place, and she kept howling in pain.

I ran up to our neighbours to borrow their car to take her to the ER, while my wife tried to figure out which hospital we could use with our insurance

To La Serpiente’s credit, by the time I’d driven her to the U-Dub Medical Center, she was totally calm, and by the time she was being triaged, she was back to her normal chatty self, explaining in great and superfluous detail to the nurses about the dog, and the many other times she’d fallen and needed repairs to her face.

I’d almost thought there was no need to take her to the hospital, once I’d got her to the hospital. I’m glad I didn’t turn around and take her straight home, because the wound did need stitching (three absorbable sutures). We had about an hour and a half sitting in a room decorated with paintings of fish, and then she was swiftly seen up, and I took her home, feeling just as exhausted as her after all this stress.

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  1. Big hugs to la Serpiente , big brave girl. So much blood when the lip gets cut. Hope it heals quickly.

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