Out again / reasons to be cheerful

Some good news to start the day: we are getting a loaner while waiting for our car to get fixed. So tomorrow I have to schlep up to Aurora Avenue, as I have so many times already, and collect a car, but that still means we have a car.

Secondly, we’ve identified a few more of the circuits in the house, and now we know where the smoke alarms are powered from. A few more holes drilled and cables run, and we’re almost at a point where we could start to have power upstairs again. There’s still a lot of work to do: in particular, relocating cables across the ceiling of the basement so they go into the new location for the old panel (or into the new panel) but we’re edging closer.

Thirdly, we packed up, said goodbye to our friendly yet heavy footed cat, and borrowed the builders’ clapped-out van and drove our suitcases a few blocks north to where we’re staying for the next few days.


We don’t have a place to stay next week yet. So we don’t know where we’re living from the 24th of October to the 20th of November (when we get to house sit somebody again).

I’m worried about the budget required to finish the house off: it looks like we have a $50,000 shortfall, which is scary when you can’t figure out what you would trim to make that difference up. Some of this is just cashflow: with tax refunds and stock vests in the future, that shortfall shrinks – but it’s a question of how quickly we run out of cash before more arrives. Time to ransack some savings accounts, if I have any left.

Which in turn stresses me out at work, and makes me worry about whether I’m achieving enough to justify my existence. But again, progress there, so I can’t allow myself to be too despondent.

And there’s my Blood Bowl tournament in a week’s time! Something to be excited by!

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