Out and about with La Serpiente

La Serpiente didn’t wake me at sparrowfart this morning, which was quite uncharacteristic of her. That meant we didn’t leave the house until 8:30, and didn’t get to Coal Creek until 9, but luckily that was still early enough that the car park was only half full. We set off on our walk, and were done in ninety minutes. For comparison, with several kids it takes three hours to walk the same route, or I could run it on my own in 45. So La Serpiente is gaining some pace.
That was the first part of Daddy Daughter Day. Then we went to Issaquah to get doughnuts, and then to the Mox in Bellevue where I was planning to buy some more plastic figures. But as we have a large array of unpainted one, I couldn’t justify that. Instead, we purchased a card game based on Norse mythology where ravens race around the world, and I ate a burger while trying to get La Serpiente to have a quesadilla for lunch.

Then, back to Seattle, to rendezvous with my wife and Destroyer and play in the park. It was sunny but still cold so we skulked a bit, trying to find the sun, before I went to get coffee and pie. Yes, basically an entire day of eating.

I went swimming this afternoon but clearly a bit tired; forgot to breathe a few times, maladjusted my goggles, think I managed ten laps, then went and sat in the hot tub to recover, before an evening of cider. And we still have Sunday to do…

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