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This morning we had a visit to the opthalmologist. After that, I dispatched wife and baby to retrieve the stroller, which was now fully repaired, and I went back to the office, still struggling with my blurry vision. I’m still not sure if it’s the drugs, the backpain or the sleep deprivation that’s sending my sight funny. If only I got some interesting visual effects. Although I doubt I’ll be saying that once in hallucinating dragons.

This evening I was on a panel at a Facebook advertising event, and at some point I said "and then you’ll lose all your money and Facebook will be slightly richer", which made at least some of the audience laugh. That included my Facebook account rep. As I didn’t have the microphone immediately wrested from my grip, while screaming "you’ll lose all your money! All your money! You pathetic fools, you can’t escape!" I guessed I wasn’t infringing corporate guidelines.

Not that Facebook has to take all your money. I was just pointing out that they provide the latest fully automatic shooting yourself in the foot device; it’s up to you whether you misuse it or not.

That was two and a half hours of my evening, so eventually I rushed home to see wife and child, and our fully operational stroller. Which now had a wheel that fell off at random and inconvenient intervals.

The stroller got fixed for free, which was a good example of getting what you pay for. On the positive side, we discovered that the stroller has quick release wheels. On the negative side, one was far too quick release.

Luckily, the other wheel still worked, so after comparing them for a while, I realized that there was a loose rubber clip on the axle of the offending wheel, and a little bit of fiddling about meant the stroller was (hopefully) properly fixed.

At last, I could sit down and relax, and film my child dancing to The March Of The Clowns. Perhaps that means I’m not a responsible parent and I need to reconsider my lifestyle choices.

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