Out of my tree(house)

Last night we stayed in a treehouse in a field by a farmhouse, eight miles out of Salem. This was fun (the kids particularly loved the rope swing that was set up for them) but there was zero internet, which is probably a good thing. My wife slipped me a cannabis jelly and the evening ran away from me.
Today we drove to Sisters, about an hour and a half from Salem, on the way down to Bend. Sisters is a pretty little town and the sun was shining; we filled the kids with food, I got a beer, and there was a free (slow) charger available to put more charge in the car.

However, about 2pm a cloud blew in, bringing the scent of burning from fires elsewhere, and the air quality got dramatically worse. We drove on to Bend, where it’s just as bad, or maybe worse, eclipsing "rough day in Hong Kong" levels of particulates. Hopefully it’s gone by tomorrow afternoon.

We’re staying at a small complex or chalets down here. There’s a swimming pool, and lots of bikes, and just round the corner another free charger, this one at a golf club where we had an hour long wait to get dinner, but dinner itself was just fine. And now, while I miss being in a treehouse above a herd of sheep, I now get to sleep in a warm bed for the next few nights, and not be in Portland, surrounded by people raging. So that’s a win, as long as we can get the air sorted …

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