Out of the frying pan

We packed up and left our AirBnb today for a much cooler house in Ballard, about ten blocks closer to home. Rather than being a tiny one floor shack with no proper ventilation, we have air con, a basement, a rabbit to look after, and much more…
We also had a long call with our contractor today, to go over lots of details with the house, including complication around vents vs ducts, polished concrete vs acid stained concrete, and so on, and we had to remonstrate with La Serpiente for being hopelessly contrary at some points.

Between that, and trying to pack up the house when the coolest it got was still above 30°, temperatures frayed and then the stress was enough to upset my wife’s stonach, so she was bedridden for part of the day while I handled the kids.

Oh, and some clown in a beat up old sports car almost ran me down while trying to drive at fifty down a residential street (and then almost crashed into a car parked a bit further down the road). All in all an eventful day.

The new house is lovely, though idiosyncratic, which is to say the whole thing is outfitted with automated lights and we can’t figure out how to turn any of them on or off. My poor wife’s brain ..

In the evening I took La Serpiente to a birthday party one of her friends waa having at a swimming pool. Now we know that two years without any swimming is enough time for her to forget how to swim. Something to solve as soon as possible, or at least once the heatwave breaks….

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