Out to the park

At lunchtime today, to give my wife some relief from the girls, I harangued them until they both agreed to get on the back of my bike, and then we rode the two and a half miles to Carkeek Park. It was another beautiful sunny day. I’d woken up to the sound of the Parks Authority fumigating the park across the street, and the morning had been a series of meetings and industriousness.
The ride to Carkeek Park was pretty uneventful, although the extra 60 odd kilos makes a difference for steering and handling the bike. Riding home was harder as there’s a long, steep road from the park back to civilisation. Somehow, battery power got me through.

I chugged and chugged and chugged, and eventually we made it home. The kids were exuberant to have got out: perhaps I had convinced them of something after all.

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