I woke up exhausted and almost went back to sleep again at 7. My wife recognised the sound of my breathing getting slower and more regular, and nudged me awake so I could attend my 7:30 meeting, which unfortunately would have been better to sleep through, as I spent the whole morning hardly capable of keeping my eyes open. I guess the swimming did more for me than I thought – I also had a sore shoulder all day.
A quick nap at lunchtime cured some of these ills and the afternoon was productive. At five, I slipped out and picked up pizza for the girls and a prepared meal for us that my wife had purchased from The Pantry, a kitchen / cookery school round the corner from us. So that was two bits of meat I had this month, steak on Valentine’s Day and a lovely bit of pork this evening. Then a quiet night – I had planned to go climbing, but cancelled that in favour of dinner – with a bit of Blood Bowl mixed in. I even got Destroyer to play a quick game of Blitz Bowl, the simplified Blood Bowl variant Games Workshop invented a couple of years ago. We stopped at 3-3 – perhaps we’ll decide the winner tomorrow…

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