We woke up at 7:30 today, because I failed to set my alarm last night. In a panic, we got the girls dressed, fed and cleaned and then bundled them out the door and into the car, arriving at school at 8:05, ten minutes late.

Normally reveille is 6:45 so I guess this showed we can put the alarm clock forward to 7:20 and get an extra half hour of sleep every morning, as long as we’re happy with a frantic dash to school.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and it’s also the day that the city electric crew come to disconnect our power, so the meter box can be moved. Like all working crews, they’ll be on site somewhere between 7:30 am and 9, which means if I turn up at 7:30, they’ll be there at 9, and vice versa.

Still, I should be glad they’re coming at all, because I got a call at midday today asking if they should cancel as I hadn’t paid the bill. The bill that was mailed to me, but apparently never showed up, because I’ve not seen hide nor hair of it. Not to worry, as I got to drive frantically across town to the customer service centre to pay the bill, because one frantic panic in the day was just not enough.

So tonight, got an early night. Well, kind of early, if you don’t count staying up late watching the morbid Squid Game on Netflix. I hope I make better decisions when I’m older …

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  1. What a panic stricken day. I empathise totally as I spent most of yesterday toggling between my GP and the dispensing pharmacy.
    And what a way to start your birthday. Supervising the city electric guys. !!! Have you got plans for this evening ?

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