Packing in a panic

We fly tomorrow, but we delayed packing for Perth until tonight. While that’s not as bad as applying for an electronic travel authorization three hours before you need to board your flight, it was a bit of extra stress I didn’t really need, especially when Destroyer pulled her usual I’m-not-going-to-go-sleep nonsense again. After about an hour, I took a five minute break, only for my daughter to appear, a baleful look on her face as she scolded me, followed by a free desultory slaps and a demand for her mother.
So I spent half an hour stressing because I’d managed to lose La Serpiente’s passport between coming back from Canada and now (eventually locating it in the drawer where I’d already looked twice) and then did half the washing up, because that was at least some tangible contribution I could make to this trip.

We’re going for four days and so we’re traveling light: one suitcase (to save on paying more than $120 for luggage) plus the girls’ Trunkis so I hope we haven’t overloaded it with stuff (we need space for gin on the return leg) and we haven’t forgotten stuff. It is winter in Perth so although instinct tells me holidays = shorts, my wife has tried to rein me in and persuade me to only pack warm clothes. Which probably guarantees it will be swelteringly hot for the whole time we’re there.

Still, there’s only twelve hours to take off. I guess we better sleep while we can.

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