Painting a Blood Bowl Terracotta Army Team

Here’s the recipe I’ve got from :

[quote]The warriors are base coated with Tallarn Flesh. I then sponged on a generous helping of Shadow Grey. Many of the warriors are still coated with the remains of paint, as they were originally brightly coloured. The Shadow Grey adds a second colour to break up the basic clay colour a little. Once this is dry the whole model is washed with Reikland Flesh shade.

The model is then drybrushed with Tallarn Flesh, followed by Rakharth Flesh and finally Dheneb Stone. Finally, Typhus corrosion is blended into some of the recesses. Use this sparingly. I only added this step to some models that are cracked open, or to represent mud and dirt that has caked onto the clay over time.[/quote]

Then we have a few other resources:

To get the names of the replacement paints Citadel have come up with since that recipe was created:

And when you’re in a shop that is missing some Citadel colours, but has alternative brands, you can translate here:


I’ll prime with black as usual, then a couple of layers of Army Painter Tanned Flesh, instead of Cadian Fleshtone, the replacement for Tallarn Flesh.

Then Shadow Grey is no more; it’s now The Fang, which was in stock, so sponge and drybrush that on.

I’m out of Reikland Fleshshade, but I do have a few other brown washes, so I’ll try to use those instead.

Drybrush with Rakharth Flesh? No such luck, it’s Army Painter Ash Grey (which is apparently a good match for Dheneb Stone as well, if I’m reading this right)

Then we have to do the shoulder pads and other things that should be team colours, and sort out a bit of bronze. How hard can that be?

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