This morning I went climbing, an hour and a half of pulling myself up the wall. I’ve had a niggling ache in my left arm the past couple of weeks but having rested it since Wednesday’s session meant it was feeling a lot better. I don’t remember being able to do any problems I haven’t managed before, but I was feeling a lot smoother and more competent on what I did do; better than last Monday night when it felt like I couldn’t do anything. I finished up with a bit of practice for standing on my head; a few 40 second repeats of kneeling down with my weight on my shoulders, trying to strengthen myself for my eventual goal.
After that I headed over to a creperie near the office where we’d have lunch. This morning I took the girls out for pancakes before I abandoned them for climbing, so they were getting a double dose of pancake action. Sadly they were jaded by the time it got to lunchtime, but I got to eat a crepe and sweat profusely, so that was nice.

When we got home, I juggled for a bit and sent my wife out to relax while I managed the children. We’ll, she went out and I argued with Destroyer and La Serpiente about how many episodes of the Wiggles they were allowed to watch. Upon her return, I went out and hammered myself with a late afternoon run in the sun.

Again, as yesterday, we were merciless in not letting the girls rest, so by 7 there was a lot of angst and squawking, but that meant they fell asleep incredibly quickly. La Serpiente screamed and wailed against the dying of the light (well, actually, at my failure to get up and bring her her water bottle) but they couldn’t fight the exhaustion.

Of course, we too were worn out, so all that remains is to slump on the sofa and watch the motorcycling. Ah, Sundays…

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