The second day of our conference was today, and there was much less sitting in freezing rooms, listening to somebody talk. That was partly because I was standing up in a freezing cold room, making people listen to me talk about moats and walls and CPMs, and then later on we had a team building event where I performed a rap over a generic hiphop beat. I guess you had to be there. (My team was called "James’s Minions" which is terribly self-aggrandizing, but I didn’t even choose the name. Some people are born to egocentrism, some grow into it, and some have it thrust upon them.)
This evening we had a massive party, but I went to the climbing wall instead to get some exercise in before going partying, and after two hours of clambering upwards and falling downwards, I went home and collapsed on our bed.

The children were asleep. Destroyer had gone to bed on her own and La Serpiente was asleep within 15 minutes, which were good performances for both of them. That meant I had peace and quiet to read emails and rub my aching muscles, a blessed state of calm.

It’s now close to midnight and part of me thinks I should steal out to the club tonight, but now everyone else has a three hour head start on the drinking, I should probably just go straight to sleep…

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