Pilates Pop!

Early this morning I got up and took La Serpiente to West Coast Park to run a 5k. Obviously that wasn’t enough for me so this lunchtime I went to the newly opened Virgin Active gym for a trial class.
Pilates Pop is a Pilates matwork class, but with Top 40s music blaring. So it’s a bit like the spin class version of going cycling. It’s always a bit strange going to a Pilates class, because they’re 90% female so I feel like a strange male interloper. Or I’m totally out of place because I’m not wearing yoga pants.

The class was 50 minutes. The first ten minutes were an agonising eternity, the rest rushed past. I think I coped with most of it, although eventually the constant planks got the best of me and I began to slump towards the floor. I’m glad thought that it was all mat based – too often, the only Pilates available in Singapore involves ridiculous machines and therefore teaches little that’s useful when you’re stuck in a hotel room with no way to exercise.

It was abundantly clear to me after the class how weak my obliques are, and how wobbly I am when I stand on one foot. I’m quite aware I should be doing more core work; not because I figure having a six pack will make me happier, but a stronger core should make me faster, or less injury prone, which means more training, which means more running.

The class was fun, but I’m not sure I would want to pay Virgin Active for a year’s membership. The facilities are beautiful but I am unclear on whether I have enough time to go to a steam room on a regular basis, or take advantage of ventilated lockers, or free socks and shorts. Then again, it is only five minutes from home, so I can easily incorporate tactical naps into a workout schedule.

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