Pizza and Virgins

I didn’t sleep well last night, waking at seven o’clock to my daughter slapping at my face as I lay on the sofa, trying to grab a few more precious moments of sleep. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra slept very well though: it continues to amaze me how she’s suddenly transitioned to a solid four or five hours’ sleep without complaint or bellowing, when just a couple of weeks ago she would reliably interrupt our sleep on an hourly basis. That I couldn’t sleep was nothing to do with parenthood, just one of those aggravating bouts of insomnia. At least I had the London Review of Books to read.

This evening I went over to Extra Virgin and picked up a trio of pizzas. I like Extra Virgin’s pizzas; I’m not so sure about their website though, that encourages you to come "look at our extra virgins". I want pizza, not the subliterate mutterings of a copywriter from a 1990s porn website.


There is a deal on at the moment: three pizzas for $50 (two pizzas are about $48, so the marginal cost of the third pizza is just two dollars). What I didn’t realise is that at Asia Square, Extra Virgin don’t have an indoor restaurant. There’s the kitchen, and there’s a row of tables outside, for that wonderfully hot and humid Singapore ambience. I do love pizza, I don’t like it so much when I’m eating it as I sweat through my eyeballs. Perhaps, under the gleaming towers of Citibank, the lack of a restaurant is unimportant. All those fresh pizzas will be ascending lifts to the xxth floor,yo help some banker through a late night deal. I’m just glad I had planned to take the pizzas back home, rather than entice wife and child out for a hot dinner.

I am pleased, in the short term at least, that our daughter has no interest in pizza. This is in marked contrast to her interest in pizza boxes, which she kept grabbing for and attempting to fling to the ground. Perhaps she’s making a comment on our diet. In the long term, I’d like her to appreciate the joy of tomatoes and cheese spread over a round disc of dough, but there’s time enough for that.

(For lunch I had Costa Rican food, which was significantly better than the Italian food I ate in Costa Rica – to close the circle I’d have to sample Singaporean cuisine in Italy – although my delicious burrito did spurt juice down the front of my trousers, for that oh-so-professional look in the office. That means my diet hasn’t been so great today: a paucity of fruit, aside from an apple for breakfast and a few scraps of avocado.)

Tomorrow though, is action packed: a parkrun to start the day, then a swimming lesson, then some sort of adventure in the shopping malls of Singapore. So tonight I need to rest, slowly digest my load of fat and carbohydrate, and look towards tomorrow’s race…

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