Placid Friday

I went to the gym this morning as usual and did half an hour on the stationary bike, which was (again) less than thrilling, but I tried visualising various routes on the climbing wall facing me: maybe that will keep my brain going. Then home, and because I had the day off today we both went to school to pick the girls up.[More]
As we’re planning on camping in August, and as we don’t have any camping gear at the moment, we drove over to REI, which has a huge sale on, and did a bit of research on tents, sleeping bags and so on. We’re probably also buying a posh little camping stove that runs on wood and charges your phone at the same time, because… I don’t know.

Then off to Half and Half for doughnuts, and back home for an afternoon in the park to frolic in the sun (or for the girls to try to collect more snails).

This evening we let them watch two episodes of Bob’s Burgers, now that we feel they’re old enough, and then they went to bed with a single chapter of C S Lewis and I tried to finish painting my Black Orc Blood Bowl team, in preparation for a few games tomorrow. And so to bed. Early start tomorrow…

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