Placid Saturday

We let the children watch the second half of the first Lego Movie tonight. I’d forgotten quite how much shooting there was in that film (it’s ostensibly aimed at children, after all) whereas there’s much less shooting in the sequel.

The kids were terrified by the final third, despite knowing the characters survive to the sequel, and that emotional roller-coaster deposited them in screaming, crying jags just before bedtime, which was perfect. Not.

Still, by 830 the children were asleep and we could watch Taskmaster, a TV programme where comedians have to do ridiculous tasks like "make a big mess and then clear it all up in 10 minutes". The finer things in life.

This morning, we had our first family video call – us in Seattle, parents and sister in two different gardens in Beckenham, and my brother and his family in Sweden. It sort of worked, once you got past the intermittent Internet connectivity and all the children wanting to talk about different things at once. So hopefully that becomes a more regular thing.

The rest of the day, a bit of a daze. I mowed the lawn, pulled out more weeds, fixed a light in thr basement, my wife sorted the flush on the downstairs toilet, the kids yelled a bit. Everyone has their tasks. Tomorrow, it’s egg hunting – I hope the weather stays clear.

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