Please go to sleep

The kids were heinous again tonight, even after I tried to tire them out. Not looking forward to another three hour bedtime with Destroyer, we told her that growling was unacceptable. So she growled some more, so we left the room and told them to put themselves to sleep. A further hue and cry ensued, children coming out of the room and being told to return to their beds, and I found it heartbreaking but at the same time we can’t have them constantly refusing to go to bed.
Destroyer eventually slept about 945. What a night.

Today we went to the park and she tried to ride her sister’s bike. She picked up pedalling and braking much quicker, but I guess she has her sister to model. This is key though – if I can get them both cycling, I can wear them both out enough to make bedtime practical, and then we should sleep better too, and so should thry. Maybe. We can but hope…

Or I’ll relent and let them scream at me some more. I’d feel less guilty, I suppose.

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