Tonight I went to Pollen, a fairly ludicrous restaurant in the quite-ridiculous Flower Dome at the Gardens By The Bay. There I sat, in air conditioned splendour one degree north of the equator, freezing half to death in a giant building full of tulips. It’s a good life if you don’t weaken.

I was there for a corporate shindig, and we had an interesting conversation including the way AI will eat everyone’s jobs, severe diminished autobiographical memory, the proper way to have a riot and all the usual work stuff. Pollen’s main space is on the ground floor and has a ceiling, whereas we were parked upstairs in a private area, with no protection from the icy cold gale that blows through the dome. So, there’s no such thing as a completely free lunch.

There was an interesting starter: burrata, served on a slice of beetroot, which sounds ridiculous but worked fairly well. As I’m vegetarian I missed out on both salmon and venison for my main, but had a risotto. There’s not much one can say about risotto. It tasted good, but was unmemorable. It is a bowl of rice, after all, no more, no less.

The dessert, a couple of sliced strawberries atop a puddle of cream were less successful. It felt like at this point, they’d grown a little bored and given up on things. That may have been because I’d drunk too much wine by then, but I think I only had a couple of glasses.

So that was one great course, two ok ones, plus the wine was fine. I was very happy to be there, but wished I’d worn a coat. What is this mad world I live in?

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