Poo Poo Point

As part of a team building exercise, we hiked up Poo Poo Point today, a 500m vertical ascent up the side of a mountain. As I’ve had hardly any exercise since I got to Seattle, and not much walking for a long time before that, this was quite hard. Walking up and down were fine, but in the afternoon as my body slowed down and took stock of the two hours of harsh exertion, I began to collapse.

The views were nice though.

When I got home I wanted to sleep. Instead, La Serpiente and Destroyer began arguing about toys, in such a noisy and strident way that I took their toys away, at which point Destroyer growled in rage and La Serpiente wept for half an hour, while neither of us relented. When your five year old is sobbing that she can’t have the "phone" she made from some pieces of plastic, and the other is growling, it’s hard not to laugh.

They went to sleep fast, and then I got ready to pass out. It’s been a long day.

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