Potential car trouble

We drove over to a friend’s place in Lake City for a birthday party. On the way there, trundling through quiet back roads, a woman in a white SUV pulled over in front of us, and then pulled out again and almost went into the side of us, while I honked my horn and tried not to swear in front of the girls.
The party was fun: we spent most of it being shot at by the kids with Nerf guns, and then having them smash a pinata, and then we drove home.

Two minutes from home, Destroyer vomited noisily and copiously across the back seats, so in a month and a week we’ve gone from new car smell to the stench of guts, and cleaning that up was not the most fun thing to do today.

On the other hand, our electrician has made good progress round the basement, and hopefully by the start of our time in Oregon, the wiring can pass inspection and we can move onto the finishing stages. So close, so close…

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  1. I do hope Destroyer recovers quickly, 2 litre EMPTY ice cream boxes are a must have accessory for the discerning car owner !

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