Pre flight panic

I’ve now had five days with the new company. There still feels an air of unreality to it all, given how cheerful and friendly everyone is. Don’t they know that the life of a Londoner is unremittingly bleak and full of frustration? Evidently not. I’ve spent some time this week confused and baffled (mainly as I get up to speed with the systems that are in place) but it feels like things are starting to come together. I’m now approaching the point where I know which people to ask questions, even if I’m not sure what the questions should be.

In less than 24 hours I’ll be in the air, on my way back to Singapore. That meant that after enjoying dinner with my sister and parents at a Turkish restaurant on the high street, I had to come back and pack. The good news is that I have been able to close my suitcase.

The bad news is that I have failed to fit two pairs of shoes and my shaving gear in. I’ve zipped up the suitcase and left it standing upright; hopefully all the clothes inside will settle overnight and there will be more space in the morning.

Part of the problem is the extra baby stuff I’m transporting home to Singapore, but I’ve also bought some clothes for me. Some iridescent underpants from Marks & Spencer, a lot of socks, and more Betabrand gear: this time some comfortable trousers and another hoodie, which is probably unnecessary in the climate of Singapore, but handy for long, cold flights.

Speaking of cold, tomorrow morning I have a parkrun to do, either at Crystal Palace or Lloyd Park in Croydon. It’s only 5k, but it requires sleep, so I’ll cease recapping the day now and go to sleep, dreaming of overloaded luggage.

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