Pre July 4th prep

It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow, so I spent today running around trying to sort things out like her birthday presents, her cake (this year she demanded pie), getting thr kids to write a card, forgetting to write a card myself, all the usual things
It’s also Independence Day tomorrow, which is slightly annoying because it’s nice to feel the day is especially yours. This is quite irrational (did Destroyer enjoy her birthday any less because most of the rainbows were for Pride rather than her?) but I guess I like to feel you have a special fuss made of you on your birthday.

So to get ready, we watched a vampire film on the TV (directed by Jason Flemyng, of all people) and I lost two games of Blood Bowl, one 5-1 and the other 3-2. The second one I enjoyed a lot more because it feel quite even, and I had some chance of not losing until the very last couple of turns. I still need to improve though.

And tomorrow, we’ll eat pancakes and sing happy birthday. I about seven hours….

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