Prep work

I went out and bought things for our new cat today: a big sack of kibble, a slightly smaller bag of litter, a litter box, a brush, a whole bunch of toys (including a fish that looks like a miniature version of Destroyer’s enormous plush fish) and a hair-removal sponge. This last thing is intended to help remove shed hair from furniture and other things. In the past I’ve used a roller covered in sticky tape, but this seems slightly less wasteful, in that you just rub the block of sponge over the hairy item and it wipes it all off.

I tested the sponge out on a bag I was given by a friend that was covered in his dog’s hair, and it did a pretty good job of removing most of the hair. The sticky lint roller would get more of the dander (there’s little dots of shed skin as well to remove) but I got most of it off.

I also had a go at clearing our bedroom for the cat. I did this by moving a bunch of Blood Bowl stuff down to the living room (in preparation for getting it into my office when the basement is completed) and as a result the bedroom is now almost tidy. Then I spent an hour going through all the Blood Bowl stuff, sorting out boxes of painting equipment vs boxes of cutting tools for customizing and assembling models, from boxes of assembled models, unassembled models, unpainted models that are primed or not primed, and models that have been painted, and a whole carton of supplies for covering bases in grass/sand/whatever. I paid my friend $300 for all this a year ago and still have finished sorting it all out, and there’s a fair amount I could sell and end up cash neutral, but still have tons of stuff. Just the thing to do while the family is away.

I also got to read a bedtime story to the girls, via the internet. This is not optimal, as it provokes an argument just before bedtime about which daughter gets to hold the iPad and look at me, but it’s better than no story.

Tomorrow, I ride to the office again. I’m a bit worried that I’ve lost the lock for my bike, but I guess I’ll discover when I get to the office if I left it there last week or not, and then have to hope nobody steals my bike while it’s in the bike store tomorrow morning…

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  1. Re the cat, have you thought about “puppy pads”. I use them to put under the litter tray when I look after your sister’s cats. Also extra plastic bags. The posh litter clumps and can be removed easily.

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