Printing things

My print worked last night, providing me with six cute, two inch tall squigs for the girls and me to paint. Having done that, I was excited to print something else and so this afternoon I put in a batch of giant rat men in Blood Bowl uniforms.

The air quality was really bad today due to wildfires in Eastern Washington and from down south. It gave us tremendous sunsets and sunrises, but I’d rather the air didn’t smell of burning and we had more regular skies.

While the printer chuntered on, I went to a Blood Bowl match in Bellevue. La Serpiente came with me on the promise of Chicken McNuggets but neither of us were expecting a three hour long game. My daughter grew obsessed with buying Pokémon cards but I cruelly denied her by pointing out she didn’t have $80 to spend…

Then, having won 2-0, we drove back and after I put her to bed and delivered $5 in tooth fairy money to her sister, we had another match which I lost 3-1 in miserable circumstances. Must remember to not play when tired, especially after a previous match. Which makes four matches in one day a bit worryjng….

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