It was wet and cold today, and I planned to drive the girls to school, as I’d had no sleep and was super tired, but instead La Serpiente rode her unicycle all the way there (a good half mile or more). I went home, drank coffee, and struggled through the day, eventually achieving much more than I had expected.
Come the evening, cometh my electrician, who got another outlet working in the kitchen (two hours of wrestling with the legacy of different attempts to wire the house). But that means we have electricity coming out of another outlet, which is a big deal considering we had nothing a week ago. Onwards and ever upwards!

My wife did a stalwart job of tidying today. The bathroom is no longer a total mess and instead everything is tidied away or ready to be used. The girls’ room is not an utter mess, and inspired by this I moved some of the junk in the living room so we can now open and close the blinds. And pretend it’s a normal house. We’re so close to being done, and I don’t want to jinx things and suggest the hardest work is over, but the finish line is somewhere in the middle distance now…

And the HVAC guys came this morning and banged around a lot. I don’t know what they did or care much at this point, but again, cooling air is a real prospect this summer …

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