At some point yesterday one of the girls put a small clock in our bedroom, and when I tried to sleep last night the ticking drove me to distraction, which was why I ended up sleeping on the sofa for a second night in a row.
I possibly also had trouble sleeping because I let myself think about our house renovation while going to bed, and was thus freaked out far more than is healthy while approaching midnight.

Today the lift was planned. It’s been delayed until tomorrow, but there are now two huge metal beams inserted into the house, ready to be jacked up tomorrow. We spent the day in the park, waiting for the excitement to come, and occasionally looking at how sad our house looks, with the front garden torn up, the porch half destroyed and two big holes in the front. But this is getting to the interesting part. Hopefully we don’t discover major disaster when we get the house up in the air.

This evening, I went swimming. They’ve changed things so that you share lanes in the pool now, and this totally threw me off. I managed only eight lengths tonight, well behind my personal best, though I suppose having neck trouble and not training properly for weeks didn’t help either. I did have a visit to my physio today though, so I’m feeling well on the way to recovery. And tomorrow my wife has her theory test, a step closer to getting a driving license. Onwards and upwards…

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  1. Haven’t you usually shared lanes? But I hate sharing lanes. I like going to untrendy half empty hotels and having the pool all to myself.

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