Promises, promises

The promised clouds and rain didn’t arrive today and so it was hot and sunny again, which I really shouldn’t complain about: there’s time enough for rain to fall. I dropped the girls off at school and then had phone calls from 8am onwards (the cost of serving clients in the UK from Seattle) so by the time the evening came around I was very, very tired.
I’d also been sat at the table almost all day (not even having a break to put away the washing up) so my legs were sore from lack of use. I walked once around the park, then came back, brainfried, hardly capable of speech.

I really hope I get on top of this soon. Hoping it’s just the adjustment to living in a different house and not having all the mod cons I’m used to.

On the positive side, haven’t taken an anti-inflammatory in a day and a half, and my shoulder isn’t complaining. Maybe I’m getting better, although I’ve been told to not climb at all until I’m declared better, which is a real pain at this point.

I also can’t book any more swimming as the health club’s website seems to be broken. Another slight annoyance. The weekend will be better. I will be better.

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