Proud parents

The girls are off school all week, so I hid in the shed at the end of the garden and worked, while my wife entertained them. My mouth is less sore than it was, but I’m still having to take painkillers when it gets bad. But the days of blood pouring out have long since gone. Now I just have to get used to drinking soup.
We had our parent-teacher conferences for both girls today, and I was fairly ecstatic to hear how well La Serpiente did. She’s now in a year when they start to give them tests on reading, writing and arithmetic. Her teacher extolled how wonderful her vocabulary was, and her enthusiasm, and her writing abilities (which, given a year ago she was driven to tears by writing anything down at all is a big relief) and then declared she’s looking like a great liberal arts student.

I began to worry – what did that mean her mathematical scores were like? I shouldn’t have bothered – she was marked as 94th percentile on mathematics, and a ludicrous 99th percentile on reading. Mind you, she was sick at Halloween and missed the scheduled reading test, so she had to do it on her own. In 26 minutes, when everyone else took a minimum of 30. We were both super pleased at this, even if her current vocabulary at home veers too much to "poop poop fart butt pee" as she navigates a scatological phase.

Destroyer doesn’t get any of those percentile rankings but was kind and sweet and just where she needs to be on all the developmental markers, so we were happy with both of them. I took them out for more doughnuts to celebrate (except they’d sold out of doughnuts, so I had to get them cookies instead).

Then I spent the evening partly on the Quest, boxing in VR, and then editting a research paper, which was lots of fun. In some other life, I’d be an editor …

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  1. This has prompted me to look at some old school reports of yours and the Ronald Dahl stuff – it makes very interesting reading.

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