Pudding, filth and sleep

I’m not sure how I managed to sleep in until 1030 today. Were my kids off the pace? Shouldn’t they have been jumping on my bed to wake me up? Very out of character.
This was an abbreviated day; I had planned to get biscuits, but I had no time before heading down south to the homeless outreach. My wife gave me several boxes of stuff to get rid of, and although that meant two water bottles that I could give somebody to transport soup from the outreach, most of it remained in cardboard boxes that I had to drive to Goodwill to donate.

It always takes a long time to drop stuff off at Goodwill. I sat in my car and listened to the radio, as the Seahawks crumpled against the Giants, a team who by their form this year the Seahawks should have roundly beaten. I listen on KIRO, which has decent commentary, but I have to remember to switch channel as soon as there isn’t a game, because the rest of the time it’s headsplittingly enraging.

The last time I listened to it midweek, they were angered about sex education in schools. The host was railing against teaching small children obscenity, but (a) he seemed to be describing basic anatomical facts as revolting things that would ruin your child forever, and (b) they then announced the ‘offensive’ words that children were being taught, but bleeped the words out so nobody could be offended, making the whole thing impossible to comprehend. I think we can infer that words like ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’ are so laden with power that if you hear them, your face will fall off and you’ll become a teenage mutant dropout. Apparently.

Anyway, the game was ending as I picked up the kids and wife, and had a quick trip to the shops to buy Christmas pudding ingredients. This country may pride itself on not being socialist but if they don’t understand Christmas pudding, what good can anything be? It’s a bunch of [censored] [censored] [censored] if you ask me.

We bought Benedictine for the pudding, a booze so obscure that the man in the grog shop had to look it up, and I’m still not sure what it’s for, apart from being something to do with monks. Then home to feed the kids, put them to bed and then have a few games of Blood Bowl. And so to bed again.

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