Pull ups and sleepiness

I didn’t feel quite so crapulent today, but I was still muddling through a haze of confusion. I got to the end of the day and then went to the climbing wall to see if I could still do any pull ups.
Before I went to the US and got sick, I could manage 30, although that was in sets of 5,and then ever decreasing numbers after the first 15. Today I managed to bang out 20 in sets of 5, and then maintained 3 for each of the next three sets, and then one more. So it’s good to see that despite getting sick and losing sleep, I still have some upper body strength.

I got home exhausted, in time for a phone call that was an hour later because I don’t understand time zones, and then I bathed the kids and read them a story. It was my wife’s turn to put them to bed, and it seemed she’d pulled the easy night because neither kid had napped and so they should be asleep in moments.

But alas not; I had my call, waited another half hour and about 90 minutes after she’d started, my wife finally escaped, by which point we were both exhausted and incapable. At least tomorrow is a holiday.

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