Pull ups

Today I did 25 pull ups in just under 22 minutes. That’s a bit better than 1 per minute, so I’m progressing; at my worst I took almost 26 minutes to do that.
Having extra strength in my shoulders certainly helps climbing. The steeper the overhang, the easier it is if you can take all your body weight on your arms and not have to worry so much about your feet. Ideally, yes, your feet will be planted on the wall too, but you can’t always have everything.

Today I managed to do 5 sets of 3 pull ups, and then I got worse and could only manage 2 at a time, and eventually it got to a point where even one was challenging, even with 90 seconds between reps. But again, this is much better than where I started. It’s just a matter of not going too hard at it and injuring myself.

Interestingly, it feels like a lot less work for my shoulders than running did. I suppose a lot of the work is being done by the muscles in my back, and also when you do pull ups you aren’t trying to stabilise a bowling ball-sized object loosely coupled to the top of your neck, whereas that’s a constant problem for runners. So there is that. I am happy I went for a run this week and I figure I need to include a bit of running (as long as it doesn’t provoke my plantar fascitis) but not too much.

After I’d done the pull ups, my wife went dancing and I looked after the girls, who mostly slept, but with three interruptions, where to ensure my ego is right-sized, they wailed for their mother because only one parent will do. Thanks girls.

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  1. Ooh, I used to think it was really difficult to hold my upper body up when I was running. Then I started pull and push ups and I never think about my shoulders when running now (but maybe that’s because my legs get so strained now – recently made my piriformis unhappy doing repeat hill climbs on my bike.) I can’t actually manage even one pull up from dead hang though after years of trying. I do three sets of three, couldn’t manage 25!

    • A few weeks ago I could hardly manage 3 pull ups in total – so it’s been a pleasant surprise how fast my body adapts to challenges. When I return from my work trip, it goes up to 30 pul ups though – a bit frightened of that…

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