Pyjama day

I guess because it was the day after Halloween, La Serpiente’s school had a pyjama day. On the one hand this should have saved us time getting her ready for school, allowing us time to sleep in, but on the other the pyjamas she wanted to wear to school were different to the ones she’d slept in, so things were as frantic as usual. At least we had a better morning than a friend, who spent her time arguing to get her son out of his pyjamas and into proper clothes, and then got to school to see her efforts had been worse than just in vain.
Today was a good day at work, I felt I achieved a lot, and my parents brought Destroyer to visit, which was nice too. I gave them all a tour of the office, fed them ice cream and then got on with my day, and I even made it home on time this evening.

Possibly should haven’t of gone out on the lash tonight, but I have the weekend to recover, right?

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