Quiet Friday

Somehow I persuaded the girls to walk more than 10,000 steps today. In between classes we went over to the school to drop off some books and pick up a prize for Destroyer, then walked fourteen blocks east to get to the post office, and then to the library, the taco shop, and back home just in time for a class. I was wishing to be able to sleep, but that was not to be.
Still, the kids did all this without complaint (and with the bribe of hot chocolate, which I suppose helped) and then later on I drove them to the mall in Northgate, where we did exciting things like buy a toilet paper holder, and some barbecue sauce. The two things are hopefully not related. Then we watched the Great British Bake Off, put the kids to bed and I lost a few hours playing on my Oculus and watching trash on the TV. Demain, j’arrete

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  1. What an exciting day for Destroyer, what had she done to earn a prize ? And 10,000 steps. That’s amazing ! Gold star from grandma and grandad. xxx

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