Rain, dogs, sleep

My license plates arrived at the dealership this week, so I drove over to pick them up. In the UK, you don’t buy a car without plates, whereas in the US they stick a bit of paper in the back window with your registration on it, and then a while later you get to stick a bit of metal on either end of the car. Really rather quaint.

Anyway, I borrowed an electric drill and attached the plates to the car, then drove home in the driving rain. Appropriate, I suppose, to have driving rain to drive in.

When I got home, I heard a clinking noise and then a brown dog ran up onto our porch and began to sniff things. I was nonplussed; there was no visible owner on the street, and the dog did look a bit sad and in need of a hug. I called my wife and she came out, identified it as a neighbour’s dog, and sent me down the street to return it. I’d rather been looking forward to having a dog, for about two minutes there.

The rain continued. I went inside, put the kids to bed, lost a game of Blood Bowl 2-1 (but I was happy – a few bits of luck could have gone my way and I’d have won, and I eviscerated my opponent’s team) then watched a MotoGP race and went to bed. Did I mention that I had to be up for a call at 7 today, and another one tomorrow? It’s like I’m not meant to sleep…

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