Rain, just rain

It was wet and cold today, and I’d failed to sleep properly last night, so the day dragged on. Coffee helped a bit, but not enough. Hopefully tomorrow is better.
The girls were happy though. In the evening I took them to a friend’s house to play, and they made the most incredible racket. It sounded from downstairs like they were engaging in some heavy duty carpentry, hammering and sawing with great abandon. Eventually I went up to check, and Destroyer was bellowing into a microphone while her sister attempted to bisect a wooden table with a plastic handsaw. So no different to what it sounded like, although the hammer had been concealed.

Later, I took the girls home and they were too late for dessert, which provoked Destroyer to half an hour of screaming "I want muffin" which sounds bad, but was an improvement on last night (an hour of "me want muffin" – at least the grammar of the tantrum improves).

They both went to sleep fast. I struggled with a bit of work, and then did nothing until now. Onwards to the next sunrise!

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