Rain, rain, and more rain

It chucked it down today, and apparently it’s raining for the next ten days or something ridiculous. I spent most of the day cooped up in our friends’ mother in law annex, working and having so many meetings I forgot who I was.

On the bright side, I had a hot shower today after being told how the valves were reversed and so hot water only comes out when you turn it to cold.

My wife picked up my climbing gear tonight for me, but she walked back with it in the rain, so it was soaked, like everything else. I got 30 minutes on the wall, got close to a few things that scared me, and then went home to scheme on the rules for my Blood Bowl tournament. The weekend needs to come just ever so slightly quicker, and then I can relax. Or at least take a nap.

And on, on comes the rain…

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