Rainy day blues

I had a bad night’s sleep, possibly stressing over the house renovation, and stayed up reading the first 200 pages of Joe Abercrombie’s A Little Hatred, which is best described as Game of Thrones meets the Industrial Revolution. The first thirty pages or so were heavy going, keeping track of so many characters and different viewpoints, but then it settles into a rhythm. The lack of sleep and the grim dark reading material meant I felt blue all day.
Apart from their daily walk, the kids and I hardly left the house, with incessant rain outside. We played four games of backgammon between us, in which I let both my daughters beat me, and then we put them to bed.

I read some more of the book. My wife had some weed chex mix, which is either genius or a terrible idea. You get high, you get the munchies, you eat more chex mix. Oh, the joys of the PNW.

Tomorrow it rains some more. And I guess it rains the day after that, and after that, and after that. At least we have vitamin D in the house to stave off jaundice…

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