Rainy season

I woke up this morning to black skies. Huge rain clouds had appeared above Singapore.

Before long, the black clouds vanished. This was because it started raining so hard that it was no longer possible to see anything out the window.

It was lucky that the girls have a week off school, because that meant I only needed to transport myself. I didn’t want to take my scooter because I was fairly sure I’d skid under a bus and die, so instead I walked.

The water was coming down so heavily it was about four inches deep on the path outside our estate. I had a suspicion that I could hydroplane while walking. Instead, I got a bus, a freezing cold bus, because nobody ever adjusts the air conditioning from its super-hot-tropic setting, or because they like the idea of everyone catching a cold.

I had an umbrella, so I was only getting wet from the feet up. I got near my building and stood on the metal bumps they put by the curb to warn vision-impaired people. And slipped and almost fell flat on my arse in front of a crowd of commuters. In the crowd I saw but one concerned face, one of my security team, who hadn’t brought a brolly with her

I carried on and crossed the road, then looked back at everyone huddled under the awning of the underground station, and remembered that I had a change of clothes in my bag. So then I stomped back, gave her my umbrella and rushed into work. My shoes were already soaked so that would make no difference, and hopefully she would get more benefit from my umbrella than I already had.

And then I couldn’t find her today to get my umbrella back, so I’m down one anti-rain device. Who says no good deed goes unpunished?

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