Raising your game

I’d planned to go swimming tonight and rest my forearms, but I’d booked a session at Half Moon Bouldering and couldn’t see a way to cancel it, so after I’d read two chapters of The Magician’s Nephew to the girls and they’d gone to sleep, I headed up there.

I wasn’t feeling that strong, and I was going to pack it in after not being able to do a fairly simple problem, but another climber encouraged me to try it again and on my second go i got it. We struck up a conversation and she encouraged me to do a few more, and I’d honestly forgotten how much more enjoyable climbing is when you can be social rather than just there on your own.

Also, she inspired me to start doing some heel / toe hooks on a few problems and again, I’d forgotten how much easier things can be if you’re using your feet to lock yourself in to the wall. So I had superior reach and brute force, and she had better technique, so each of us could drag the other up a bit. Thanks Kathy!

I went home, watched a new episode of Bob’s Burgers, ate some rhubarb crisp and painted some Blood Bowl orcs. A productive night all round

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