In the dim and distant past, or maybe just February, I joined the Seattle Library and borrowed some books. They are fantastically generous – you can borrow up to 50 books at a time, and they abolished late fees this year. And then, like Almsot everything else (coffee is more essential than libraries) they closed due to covid, and the big stack of unread books gathered dust, when I should have been reading them.
This evening I read a few short stories from an anthology of fantasy. The mid life crisis of Dracula, now married to a female Van Helsing (Vanessa Helsing, perhaps?) and embroiled in the drudgery of PTA meetings, and another story about a haunted space suit. Both were good, although not incredibly memorable. But it made a change from reading books about fairy princesses, or online articles.

Today I was meant to take the girls to get doughnuts, but they managed to lose their bike helmets. After ransacking the entire house, they eventually went and found them where they’d left them in the park across the street last night, which rather enraged and frustrated me. We eventually got down to Top Pot, just before they closed, and got a few doughnuts so it wasn’t a write-off but it was a bit more stress than I required this week.

But it’s sunny again, and the days are mostly calm, and I’m not insane. Yet.

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