Ready for a test

I had no meetings this afternoon, but I had a lot of work to do, and finding it hard to concentrate at the office, I went home and picked up La Serpiente from her yoga class. (This is a new thing, happening after school on Fridays.) She seemed pretty happy, which I think was in part because I took her a few blocks south to buy a macaron and some cake, and then bring all these tributes back to the house to share.

I went through as much of my work as my brain could handle, and then had a Blood Bowl match while the girls melted down around me. Destroyer was exhausted from walking around all day and La Serpiente was tired from yoga and everything else, so between the two of them things were fractious and grumpy.

Still, we got them to bed swiftly (exhaustion is a wonderfully efficient thing) leaving me time to revise the Washington State driving license theory test, which includes cryptic questions about how much THC you can have in your bloodstream and still drive legally.

I also learned a bit about yellow lines, and orange triangles, and all sorts of other stuff. Test is in about 13 hours – will I make a hash of it or not?

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