Rear ended

I think I may be cursed when it comes to cars.

Today I took La Serpiente to her vision therapy session, and then drove her back. I had to get back for a call at 5:15 but we had plenty of time, so I didn’t need to rush. We pulled up at some traffic lights and waited for them to change … and then the car lurched forward with a loud thump. Somebody had gone into the back of us.

I got out with a look of rage on my face, and then saw that the person behind me was also looking unhappy, because they had collided with me because a third car had driven into the back of them.

The woman in the third car was terribly upset at what she’d done. Our car was OK… the rear bumper looks mangled ans will need to be replaced, and the reversing sensor is giving false errors, but that was oartky because the middle car sacrificed itself as a crumple zone; front bent up, rear smashed in, windscreen cracked.

The police arrived pretty quickly, everyone took down details and then I drove home, somewhat shocked by it all, La Serpiente a bit bothered that she didn’t have anything to eat. So again, the passenger protection of our car is working just fine, and nobody was injured, but it would have been nice to have gone a year without any incidents.

The claim itself should be pretty simple to follow (hard to argue any liability when you’re stationary) but three cars with three different insurers means there’s bound to be some hassle… onwards, ever onwards.

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