Reasons to be cheerful

We move out of this Airbnb tomorrow, so part of the day was frantically packing stuff up and moving it to save time tomorrow (I have calls from 8:15 until 11, which precludes doing much to help out). There’s about two car loads of stuff to shift; most of it is now in our house, with the rest going to the house we move into tomorrow.
I spent more time in our freezing cold house, working today. I’m getting accustomed to it, or maybe I’m now burning enough candles to keep myself warm. It’s my feet that get cold, even with the heater turned on – got to do something about that.

At least it’s not raining. I’ve been reading a book on stoicism and it recommends negative visualisation – imagine how much worse things could be! And so although the blinds are broken in the Airbnb, we’re moving out tomorrow, and our house is cold but it’s dry, and I’m expecting a tax refund this year, not a penalty. So, can’t complain. And tomorrow night I’m sleeping in a bed, even if it’s not my own. Forward, ever forward!

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