Recovering from the cold

Recovering from the late, cold night last night watching the Seadragons, I felt less than tip top all day, and although it was quiet and peaceful in the house with the kids playing at a friend’s place, it was a slog to get through things. Froggy was also out of sorts, several times deciding to pounce on my leg.
In the evening I drove to a game shop in Kenmore to play a game in a Blood Bowl league. I had a not very fragile Dark Elf team that got mauled by some Necromantic Horror, but I successfully rolled a 4+ and a 2+ on some dice to pick up a ball and dodge out for a touchdown, so we went home with a 1-1 draw, and that was good enough for a first match.

Then home, feeling grim after all that concentrating, for a few hours in front of the idiot box. And thence to bed.

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