Recovery day

After my late flight home, I couldn’t face going swimming so I went home and straight to bed. My wife was asleep upon the sofa so I was alone in bed. For all of five minutes before La Serpiente came in.
I placed her back in her bed, went to sleep, and woke up later with both my daughters in my bed. Sneaky sneaks!

I worked from home today; because of the ongoing corona virus concerns, everyone is working from home, so I wasn’t anything exceptional. We had a technician come round to service the furnace. He pointed out how disgusting the ducting is and how it needs to be cleaned, so that’s another $600 to spend. I love having a house.

I worked all day, and I realised how much I miss having a large monitor – sitting at the dining room table, hunched over my laptop, my back and hips began to cramp and cause me to squeak in pain.

This evening, I put the kids to bed, planning to go swimming, and instead distracted myself booking flights home for the summer, a hotel in Detroit, and looking at my team list for my next tournament. Time to start painting some more soon, I think…

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